gkbinclock - a binary clock plugin for GKrellM

gkbinclock - screenshot

What the hell is this?

This is a plugin that displays a ``Binary Clock'' (or often referred to as ``binclock'') in GKrellM.
(In the screenshot on the right side, it's shown just below the builtin digital clock.)

I was just inspired by these kind of watches and clocks and felt like writing this plugin:



2005/05/03, ver. 0.6
2005/01/06, ver. 0.5
2004/12/31, ver. 0.4
2004/12/25, ver. 0.3
2004/08/29, ver. 0.2
2004/08/28, ver. 0.1


Shingo W. Kagami - swk(at)kagami.org